March 29, 2016

Introducing Marie-Laure from La Maison De LouLou - The Latest Addition To Join Our Team

If you enjoy being creative with your little ones you’ll fall in love with the gorgeous craft projects and games Marie- Laure from La Maison De LouLou creates. And we’re super excited to announce she’ll now be joining our team here at The Junior as a regular craft contributor  - Happy Days!

If like me you’re a regular on Pinterest searching for beautiful craft projects for your kids, you’re bound to have come across Marie-Laure’s wonderful blog La Maison De LouLou (LouLou’s House). I’ve been a fan of her talent for creativity for some time now and have followed her work across other fab sites including Handmade Charlotte, Mr Printables and Hello Wonderful, so naturally we’re thrilled to have her joining us with projects created exclusively for The Junior that we can't wait to share with you.


Originally from France and now living in Brooklyn New York, Marie-Laure started out as an architect, before her first child Louise came along and life took her in a completely different direction!



Have you always been a craft lover, even at a very early age? 

​Yes, I've always liked Art in general: drawing, painting, anything that involves making things with my hands​.

Was it doing craft with your mother or father that initially sparked your interest?

​Not at all! My parents never did any craft with me (it was another generation! I am smiling). But I do come from an "Artistic/ Architect" family.



We love all the cool kids crafts, games and activities you create, you must have a strong imagination! What inspires you the most? Where do you get your ideas from?

​Firstly, my kids​. My daughter comes home from school with crafts, stories, drawings etc. and i'm always saying how cool they are -  even though I am a grown up, I am also still a big kid inside! I get excited by making crafts even with something as simple as a leaf! And finally Pinterest is for me an incredible source of inspiration as well.

As an architect, when did you realise craft was something you wanted to do more often and how did it lead to you becoming a contributor for so many great blogs?

​I spent 8 years at school learning and breathing Architecture, then when I started to practice, I realised I was not really happy in an office behind my computer making construction documents. Louise my daughter arrived and I started to make toys, games and paper craft for her and to do with her. A friend of mine suggested I share all these ideas through a blog so I created La Mason De LouLou. It took some time but eventually other blogs started to follow me and connect.



As a busy mother of 2 how on earth do you find the time to do so much craft ?!

​I am not a very organised person, but in my own messy head there are always a few ideas that are running around!! My oldest child is at school until 3:00pm, whilst my youngest is going to a daycare 3 mornings ​a week so I am keeping these precious hours free to craft, shoot and edit the projects. In the evenings I am mainly doing research and sketches etc.

What has surprised you the most about motherhood?

​ ​Love and excitement!


Do you have a favourite children’s brand or place to shop?

​My favourite Children's brand ​at the moment is Zara, and a place I shop a lot is Michael for the craft supplies.

Can you share with us your favourite children’s story book?

​For Roman who's 2 1/2 I will say "Un Livre" by Herve Tullet (Bayard Jeunesse) ​ incredibly smart, intelligent and fun. For Louise it is hard because I am trying to get her into reading at home! We are all about Roald Dahl books and stories for sure.



What’s your idea of the prefect day? 

To go to the beach and swim with dolphins​ (it is one of my biggest dreams) and because it's been 5 years since I last took vacations!


And just because we’re interested………..

You’ll Never See Me Without:

​ My kids!​

When I Feel Inspired:

​ I am drawing​

Fashion or Interiors?

​ Both

The Only Place Better Than New York is:

​ The rest of the world

My Favourite Season Is:

​ Summer​

Family Is:

​ Loving​, overwhelming, and so many more unexpected feelings!


Keep your eyes peeled for Marie-Laure's posts, in the mean time you can follow her blog La Maison De LouLou and get daily inspiration from her Pinterest boards and Instagram feed @marrylor

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