June 11, 2016

8 Amazing Birthday Cakes For Boys Of All Ages

Birthday cakes, do you buy them or make them? I find them quite fun to make and try and come up with a different ‘creation’ each year to surprise them with, not all mind you have come out as master pieces but kids don't mind, and the fun’s in the trying right?!

The next birthday in our house is my son’s who’s turning 7, “What cake will I get this year’ he asked the other day… Ahh wait and see, it’s going to be a good one! On my search i’ve come up with a few goodies for boys of all ages so thought i’d share, the ‘dinosaur dig’ is the one i’ll be tackling, wish me luck! Which one’s your favourite?



Dinosaur Dig triple chocolate sheet cake.


Jurassic World chocolate chips dinosaur cake.


Rainbow Cookie Cake - wait till you cut it open and see the inside!


Funfetti Cake with marzipan bunting


No link to a tutorial for this one but easily recreated, simply paint a plastic animal and make a little paper hat, cut out a number from glittery paper and attach to a tooth pick, sprinkle with edible glitter and a similar cake topper can be purchased at online store Goose Grease.


This is so sweet, soft pastel coloured icing, add a small animal toy, make a crown from gold paper then add the birthday age and attach, finally some edible glitter sprinkled on top to finish it off.


The best ever Moon Meringue cake for a space themed party - you'll need to use google translate for this one as the tutorial is in French.


Again no link to a tutorial for this cake but taking inspiration  - chocolate or chocolate icing on the sides, go mad creating waves with thick whipped cream, and for the cake toppers simple cut out shapes from coloured card and attach to tooth picks - easy!

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