June 9, 2016

Character Filled Bears From Philomena Kloss

I’m a sucker for something handmade and there really are so many talented creative people out there. Take for example these amazing bears from Philomena Kloss, the first time I saw them I was completely smitten, I mean really, how could you not be?


The duo behind the Ukraine based brand Tanya and Nadia initially started making the bears as a hobby for close friends and family back in 2010, soon word spread and they found themselves making more and more which eventually lead to the opening of their Etsy store.


Uniquely handmade from tweed each bear is given its own name and quirky character which really made me smile:- Marie the talented waffle maker, Simon the carpenter, and my personal favourite Evan the popular hairstylist!




Wonderfully it’s not just the bears that are handmade at Philomena Kloss but also the clothing they are dresses in, choose from a large range of the latest fashion and costumes all available to purchase separately.



After the first few bears they added to the collection a couple of forest friends - raccoon and fox, again all with their own unique character and story making them easy to be a child’s new best friend. To learn more and view their current range of toys head over to their Etsy store. Delivery Worldwide.


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