June 21, 2016

IKEA’s 3 Easy Steps To Creating Your Own Jungle Themed Party

If you’re stumped for a theme for your child’s next birthday party IKEA have come up with some great ideas for a Jungle Party that are inexpensive and really easy to recreate.. What child wouldn't want to enter a party through a lions mouth?

This would make for a pretty cool party, but if the jungles not their thing perhaps you can draw some inspiration and create something similar for a favourite animal or dinosaur theme perhaps?



1. Step Into The Festivities

Create an exciting entrance to the party. Hang an old shower curtain, piece of fabric or sheet from the door frame with a pre drawn giant lion's head with the mouth cut away to enter through. Rrraaaw!


2. Decorate

All you need to make this cool jungle light is green paper, sticky tape and twine or string. Simply cut the paper into the shape of leaves, attach the leaves with tape to the twine and wrap the garland around a lampshade, making some extra to decorate the rest of the room.


3. Animal Cups and Plates

Creating your own monkey and bear place settings is easy - Cut an animal shaped head out of coloured card or paper for the place mat, add a plate of a smilier colour on top, then cut out a face from the same colour card as you made the place mat from, draw or stick on a face and put it on the plate.


This is a great idea for just before home time - For a fun and unique reminder of the party make your own picture board from a large old cardboard box and share the pictures with your guests, #thanksforcoming!

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