June 15, 2016

Making An ABC Banner With Contributor Tinta Luhrman

I have quite a collection of fabric cuts offs lying around our home and often wonder what creative uses I can put them to. This week I came up with a great craft idea to make with my daughter Dieuwertjes - an ABC banner to hang in her room, we’re really pleased with the result and it was so simple to make and so much fun.


Firstly gather up the fabrics you wish to use.


Dieuwertjes chose the colours she liked then we started cutting out strips of equal width then cut each strip into small squares.


To make it easier when sticking we separated each colour. 


Choose the material for your banner, here we used card but you could use a thick fabric as well. Using pencil draw the outlines of the capital letters using a ruler as a guide to ensure they are in a straight line.


Now for the fun part - get sticking!


I drew on some extra olive leaves for decoration.



Once you've finished sticking the fabrics and the glue has dried attach some light bamboo canes either end of your banner with a little extra glue. Again wait for the glue to try then simply attach a length on string to the top bamboo cane and your ready to hang.



We tested the banner on a few walls in her room before settling on the perfect spot.


Now she's practising her ABC's every night before bed, why not give one a try yourself?

Tinta x

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You can learn more about our contributor Tinta here, or head to her Instagram feed @tintaluhrman for more beautiful images and inspiration.

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