June 28, 2016


This fun set of four printable animal sewing cards your children are bound to love, not only are they a creative way to spend a few hours, but also an excellent activity for developing fine motor skills and improving hand-eye coordination and concentration.

Kids of all ages love sewing cards and the dot-to-dot pattern in these cute animal cards is easy for young kids to follow. You can download the animal templates here, stitch one or stitch them all, match the thread colours or go wild and colourful. If they skip a hole or two no biggie, just undo and let them try again.

Enjoy x





What You Will Need:

Print­able Ani­mal Sewing Cards (down­load here)


Straight pin,


Embroi­dery thread.




Step 1: Print the four animal sewing cards onto card stock and cut them apart. Use a straight pin or a sharp nee­dle to poke holes in the card stock at each end of the stitch marks on the ani­mal you are work­ing on. You can hold the card up as you go or place it on a folded towel or some cor­ru­gated cardboard.




Step 2: Cut a piece of embroi­dery thread in a colour of your choice and sep­a­rate out three strands of the thread. Thread your nee­dle and tie a knot at one end. Start stitch­ing, mak­ing one straight stitch on each fur line.




Step 3: As you work, you’ll find that it helps to turn the card over when you are bring­ing the nee­dle from back to front so that you don’t make extra holes. You’ll end up flip­ping the card back and forth with each stitch, but it’s worth it so you fin­ish with a pretty card. This is also a great habit to be in when stitch­ing other things…the back of your work is almost as impor­tant as the front!



Step 4: When you reach the end of your thread or have fin­ished with a sec­tion, tie a knot in the thread so that it’s close to the back of your card.






{Source: Handmade Charlotte}

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