October 12, 2016

Easy DIY (Not Very Scary) Halloween Costumes!

It's that time of year again, normally we get completely carried away, but this year I plan on keeping things as simple as possible! Both of my children love to dress up for Halloween, though with my youngest being only 6 we keep things not too scary and head out early. If you're looking to do the same here's some ideas to get you started.


This picture does make me smile, imagine seeing these cuties turn up at your door! All these costumes are easy to replicate and a full tutorial for the amazing Cotton Candy Costume can be found here.


Cardboard boxes, ribbon and paint is all that's needed to create this Lama Costume, and if they have some moccasins all the better!


Stock up on feathers, beads and face paint for this Indian Chief costume. Feathers needn't be brown let them go wild picking out their favourite colours. Some cardboard and ties along with a hot glue gun and away you go.


Most people know how to make pom poms, but if you haven't made them before there's plenty of tutorials you can google, and even little hands can help weave the wool in and out of the cardboard circles. These ones are just pinned onto the T'shirt making life even easier. You can view more details here


For your little wanna be space explorer - quicker and easier than an astronaut costume, go straight for the rocket!


An Indian/Boho/Pocahontas outfit like this one is easily made with ribbons, feathers, beads and if you can get it strips of fake suede fabric around the ankles will really finish it off.



This costume is actually meant to be a mouse but can easily be changed to a witches cat with or without the tutu.


If you already have a tutu at home how about a Whimsical Harlequin Clown ? All you need do is add the face paint.


I love this as it's perfect for a boy or girl, take inspiration with a cheap adult black hoodie and stitch on some stuffed fabric triangles, voila! Happy creating x


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