November 2, 2016

8 Of The Best - Advent Calendars

Whilst I hate to mention the ‘C’ word this early on, Christmas, whether we like it or not, is going to come speeding around quickly  - time to start planning!

You’ve probably seen the Christmas decorations in some of the shops already, i’m sure it gets earlier every year? And whilst i’m not quite ready to let my mind ‘go there’ yet, there is one tradition to start thinking about.…Advent Calendars.



OYOY Santa Advent Calendar 

I love Advent Calendars, I clearly remember the excitement of peeling back the little numbered window everyday when I was younger, and it’s a tradition i’ve carried on with my own children. We have a fabric hanging calendar with pockets and it’s about this time of year that I start to keep my eye open for little trinkets and treasures to place in them.


This years Fabelab have created a playful Christmas calendar, fill each of the 24 pockets (see image above) with a trinket or part of a story then turn the pocket inside out and discover a surprise character or landscape to create your own special Christmas adventure. Pictured below is In The Woods, and theres also an In The Snow version too.



Down To The Woods Wall Hanging Advent Calendar


Ferm Living Christmas House Advent Calendar


Numero 74 have created a Hanging Star Advent Calendar - one for boys, one for girls - each coming with 24 little gifts, among them: a Pirate Eye Patch, Pistol, Key Ring, Fabric Camera, Mini Book and Fabric Watch for the boys and Mini Fairy Wands, a Neckless, and Purse for the girls


Meri Meri have some sweet luxury Advent Calendars. Coming in a decorative box with 5 trays, each window contains a wooden nativity piece enabling you to create your own gorgeous nativity scene. Choose from a Woodland Scene as shown above or th more traditional Holy Night Nativity Scene below.



As you can see, if you’re in the market for a new Advent Calendar there are some beautiful ones to choose from, though don't leave it too long to order, Dec 1st isn’t far away!


Holiday Helper Advent Calendar, designed by Donna Wilson for Land Of Nod

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