November 15, 2016

Ikea Inspiration - Kids Bedroom Storage Solutions

As parents of babies soon discover, toddlers and kids are like mini whirlwinds capable of leaving a room in chaos in a mere matter of minutes! Amazingly however, given their own special space to build, craft and create, they’ll happily sit and play contently... and if your lucky, they may even put everything away!



This room by Ikea has been designed specifically to tackle storage and organisation in a child’s room. Plenty of easily accessible drawers in various sizes using the popular TROFAST storage units. Keep it neutral like they have here or pick a colour from their range, it’s also now available in black as well as white for a monochrome themed room, or why not try your own 'Ikea  Hack' by customising it for a unique piece.


A handy table positioned near the storage allows for easy access and extra space to craft and play, and importantly, there’s also lots of shelving to display those art projects once complete along with favourite toys and treasures.


I love that the workspace also includes a clever Ikea hack of turning the underneath into a top secret spy HQ - Very cool! What do you think, given you some ideas?


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