February 23, 2017

Nostalgic Toys From Fanny & Alexander

We’ve written about these beautiful toys from Fanny & Alexander before, are you familiar with them? Both of my kids (boy & girl) just adore them, and I have to admit they’re one of the only toys I don't mind finding lying around the house!

Founder Delfina Aguilar is committed to enriching the lives of children with toys that are simple and enduring and encourage fantasy, imagination and creativity - “It seems to me like most toys today are just...merchandise...they are movie-franchise spinoffs. I wanted to make old-fashioned, handcrafted toys, and then to create a world around that.”

All of the toys by Fanny & Alexander are made of Guatambu and Incense wood and designed to be keepsakes that last through the generations.FAP1

Natural Wooden Binoculars

Fannyandalexander 10


Natural Wooden Camera with Zoom Feature in Green or Tan 

Fannyandalexander 08

Fannyandalexander 01

Natural Wooden Tool Set

Fannyandalexander 06

Fannyandalexander 04

Natural Wooden Film Camera

Fannyandalexander 09


Animal Print Canvas Satchel in Green or Blue


Above Image Credit @madame-chacha

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