March 28, 2017

Introducing Kristy Withers, Founder of Incy Interiors

Incy Interiors is an Australian children’s furniture brand i’ve been loving since they launched their first children’s bed back in 2011. Now a successful global brand sold in 8 countries, the range has expanded to include cots, furniture and even beautiful velvet settees.

I recently chatted with owner Kristy Withers, who started Incy Interiors after her frustration with the lack of options for her son's first 'big boy bed'. Recognising an opportunity to bring quality designer furniture to Australia and with the help of a team of very talented people, Incy was born!




Starting a new interior brand and being a first time mum with a small child must of been extremely challenging…can you tell us about that?

I was lucky that Oscar was almost 3 when I launched the company so he a little more self-sufficient.  What was harder was the fact that I found out I was pregnant with Polly the week before launching the company.  I worked my butt off for those first 9 months to ensure I had the company as established as possible.

How many pieces are in the Incy collection now? 

We currently have five ranges in Australia with each range having a minimum of four products.  In the US we only have three of the ranges.

Do you have a favourite piece?

The Oscar bed still holds a special place in my heart because it was the reason behind the company but my favourite at the moment is the Sybilla Settee.





It’s wonderful to see an Australian brand do so well internationally, how many sale points do you now have worldwide?

We now have over 120 stockists in 8 countries – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and UAE.

What do you believe has been the secret to your success? 

Lots of hard work, dedication, surrounding myself with smart people and wine!


We loved your collaboration with Megan Morton, can you tell us how this came about?

For our Christmas party a few years ago we went did one of Megan’s classes at The School.  We all hit it off and after that Megan contacted us and proposed doing a collaboration on a bed she had been designing.  We of course jumped at the opportunity!

Do you have any more collaborations coming up?

We’re thrilled to have recently joined with one of Australia’s most favourite rocking chair companies to launch a contemporary rocking chair. Available in rosé and navy, the Incy x Hobbe Blush Rocker is inspired by traditional Italian design principles. It’s a drastic departure from the traditional wingback nursing chair commonly associated with nursery rooms.



What would your dream collaboration be?

Hmmmm dream collaboration, that’s an interesting question.  I am obsessed with Toni Maticevski- he definitely is my designer crush!

Does Incy Interiors have a Company Mission Statement? 

We sure do, it is ‘to deliver classic but cool bedroom furniture for the entire family.'




To view the full range of Incy's collections or search for your nearest stockist, head to the Incy interiors web site.



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