March 24, 2017

Welcome To The Jungle

It's a jungle out there! Have you been noticing the growing number of wonderful jungle themed animal goodies available? Lions, Tigers, Parrots, Toucans, even Snakes and Leopards - which when teamed with tropical prints, make for the perfect outfit or interior for your little safari lover.


jungle paper

Nofred - Safari Wallpaper


1. Scotch & Soda Tropical Tee | 2. Maison Baluchon Mini Jungle iPad Case | 3. Nobodinoz Parrot Garland | 4. Rylee + Cru Tiger Onesie | 5. Nach Porcelain Toucan Bracelet | 6. Sunchild Palm Tree Dress | 7. PopUpShop Organic Tiger Vest | 8. Scotch & Soda Jungle Shorts | 9. Nach Leopard Porcelain Ring

jungle dress

Rylee + Cru Tiger Dress

jungle 4

1. Rylee + Cru Lion Romper | 2. Mini Rodini Lion Tee | 3. Oeuf Snake Soft Toy | 4. Billybandit Jungle shoes | 5. Sew Heart Felt Tiger Rug | 6. Flensted Monkey Mobile | 7. Soft Gallery Snake Sweatshirt | 8. Woouf Palm Trees Pencil Case

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