April 4, 2017

6 Mouth-watering Easter Treat Recipes

Is it me, or is this year whizzing past quickly? I can’t believe easter is almost upon us already. Of course, the shops have been full of easter eggs and treats for what feels like months, but this time we’re giving them all a miss and have decided to make our own.

I thought i'd share with you today some of the easter treat recipes that have recently caught my eye. The kids are keen to try the Easter Egg Crispy Treats which are very easy to make, just like crackle cake with egg shapes cut out and decorated, perfect for keeping little hands busy for a while. Whilst I'm thinking of surprising them on easter morning with the Egg Shell Brownies - great fun! Why not give one a go yourself?

Enjoy x


Easter Egg Crispy Treats via The Merry Thought


Strawberry Filled Rabbit Cookies via La Receta de la Felicidad


Egg Sprinkle Cookies via Sprinkle Bakes


Surprise Easter Bunny Cake via Moje Wypieki


Egg Shell Brownies via La Receta de la Felicidad


Classic Hot Cross Buns via Donna Hay

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