June 27, 2017

Making Boats - 6 DIY Sailing Boat Crafts

Do remember making paper boats when you were a child? It’s something you very rarely see these days which is such a shame as they’re great fun to both make and race.

Paper boats can be as simple as a sheet of paper folded up along the edges to create a shape like a shallow bowl, or as complex as intricately folded and constructed replicas of real ship designs. Heres a basic tutorial to get you started, once you've mastered the basics of how to make a paper boat you can take it a step further by adding sails and some rigging. But why stop at paper boats? We’ve rounded up some DIY’s using driftwood, cork and paper-mache as well.

Happy Sailing x



Newspaper Paper Boat tutorial via Good To Know



Get some inspiration from this kids sailing party



DIY Driftwood Sailboats tutorial via White Gun Powder



Paper Boat Decorations via Oh Happy Day



Cork Sailboat In A Jar tutorial via Handmade Charlotte



Paper-Mache Boat via Ann Wood Handmade

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